LCS – Live Club System

With every round of golf starting and finishing in the clubhouse you can be sure that your flyovers will be seen on your own live bespoke TV channel

Our new leader board system (LCS – Live Club System) which enables your golfers to score their round out on the course and transmit this to a leader-board screen in your clubhouse.

– Strategically placed 42” LCD screen in the venue
– The live screen pulls in all the submitted scores from the smartphone apps and also the buggy system. This can be switched and used on corporate days for you to charge if required
– Your own digital noticeboard; looping venue information, fixtures/results, memberships and golf lessons can all be displayed and managed by you.
– The screen will also display live news feeds, your golf clubs twitter feed, the weather and football live scores and fixtures.
– Further screens can be provided for your corporate parties.