Europe is home to
Golf facilities
We have taken
photos of golf courses
We have 3D modelled
golf holes
We have drunk
cups of coffee in 6 years

Whole In 1 Golf Ltd is a UK based golf technology company with a portfolio of circa 500 golf courses and resorts throughout the UK, Ireland, Germany & France. Our business model is simple yet completely unique – we develop a 3D flyover (The Flyovers have been used on Sky Sports) and GPS system of the venue and each hole using the latest technology and software. This is easily accessed by the golfer on a number of multi-media platforms such as mobile applications, in-cart computers, the club’s website and in-house LCD TVs. All this equipment is provided completely free of charge to the club.

In order to increase controlled footfall and revenue streams for the club we bring together both local and national partners who advertise their businesses, brand and products across all of these platforms with the aim of making a return on their investment. Not only do these club partners benefit from this additional brand exposure but they also receive complimentary golf at the course where employees, directors, clients and guests can be entertained in relaxing surroundings.

Our regular networking events allow businesses of all sizes to meet and interact with each other using the club’s facilities with the added bonus of a round of golf too.

Whether you are a golfer, a golf course, a local business or national corporation Whole In 1 Golf has a solution for you as we are #thefutureofgolf

Our mission statement

“The Whole Package; Design, Deliver, Delight. Commit, Connect, Create”.

Design: To use cutting edge technology to ensure all golfers enjoy a thoroughly modern golfing experience.

Deliver: State of the art, unrivaled platforms to our partner golf clubs to showcase their venues – whilst delivering a platform for a business to promote their message.

Delight: By design & delivering. Measurable by client satisfaction.

Commit: Committing to our relationships with G.C’s & C.G.P’s.

Connect: Bringing together golf clubs, technology and businesses. Providing a networking frame.

Create: Long lasting relationships. Securing the #thefutureofgolf.