Dean Davis – Our Golf Trick Shot Partner

Following on from another successful golf day with Dean we caught up with him to find out a bit more about the man with all the tricks!

Whole In 1 Golf – How old were you when you got into golf?

5 years old

Whole In 1 Golf – And what attracted you to the sport in the first place?

My Granddad played

Whole In 1 Golf – As the man with the tricks have you ever had a “hole in one”? If so where was it?

I have had 6 holes in one playing with my normal golf clubs and I have 2 hole in ones while entertaining clients with my trick shots. One was in Spain at the Father and Son golf tournament and I used my wobbly driver the other was at Halesowen Golf Club in Birmingham and I hit the ball off a 5-foot-high tee.

Whole In 1 Golf – Who is the most famous golfer you have met?

Gary Player when he visited a junior golf event I attended at the Fairmont St. Andrews a couple of years ago. It was an absolute honour to meet with him. He was so interested in my golf tricks and he was fantastic with the kids.

Whole In 1 Golf – When did you did first realise you had a skill for trick shots?

I was about 17/18 and messing around at the driving range. I had a bottle of water and I was just hitting the ball off the top of it. I then tried hitting balls in different ways and then different shots really developed from there. I was fortunate to meet Noel Hunt who was one of the first trick shot artists, and I remember him saying son you have a real eye for the ball you could do something with this. And things just developed from there.

Whole In 1 Golf – How long did it take you, before you performed your first trick shot show?

It was a good 6 years of practicing before I performed by fist show. I performed for the members of my club who had been watching me over the years developing my tricks. I remember I was so nervous.

Whole In 1 Golf – What’s the next challenge for Dean Davis – without giving away too many secrets 😊

Its always a challenge trying to think of new tricks and brining new shots into the show and this is something I work on year on year.   I would really love however to perform a double act with my son. There’s a few years for that as he’s only 2, but he’s got an amazing eye for the ball and he’s so keen – hopefully one day there will be a father & son show, now there’s a challenge for the future!