Client of the Month – VIP Bottles

Name: Harvey Uppal
Company: VIP Bottles

How long have you been in partnership with Whole in One Golf?

  • 6 months

What brought you to the whole in 1 in the first place?

  • To branch out to a different target market than we previously have

What would a typical client look like for you?

Someone who likes to try different drinks and wants something out of the ordinary.

Business mission statement?

To provide exclusive drinks sourced from around the world to your doorstep the next day

Network with 3 famous people who and why?

  • Tiger Woods – to understand how a champion sportsman copes with the demands of millions and how we can put that to practice across our client base
  • Bill Gates – to understand how someone of his capability decides what invention to go ahead with and how he created Microsoft.
  • Gary Vaynerchuk – To learn more about business and how we can begin to expand ours and help our clients.