Employee Profile

Rachel, Head of Customer Experience, Whole In 1 Golf

We caught up with Rachel, our Head of Customer Experience and managed to ask her some questions about her time at Whole In 1 Golf.

Joe: So, then Rachel, how long have you worked at Whole In 1 Golf?

Rachel: I’ve been working here for almost 3 years now.

Joe: That’s great, and what is your role within the business?

Rachel: I’m the Head of Customer Experience. I look after the retention side of the business, Renewal Finance, our networking events, our existing client base and managing customer expectations.

Joe: That sounds like a very rewarding job, looking after our clients. Do you have any client success stories?

Rachel: Yeah, my favourite success story is a company called Smithers Purslow that are based down in Leicestershire. I got them on board about 2 years ago and they’ve fully utilised their package, had a golf day at their chosen venue, and have just recently renewed with me for a further 2 years!

Joe: Wow! They’ve had the full ‘Customer Experience’ then, I guess! We have expanded so much over the last 12 months and finally moved in to Europe, how excited are you for the future of W1G?

Rachel: Very excited, I think it’s great to be in a business where you are at the grassroot of something big about to happen. The success of the business is obviously a massive thing for my family with their being two of us that work here. I’m just excited to see if I get to go on any free holidays with the European Expansion!

Joe: The future certainly looks bright! What is your favourite thing about working at Whole In 1 Golf?

Rachel: Hands down, the people! It feels like one big family, which is really a good atmosphere to have in the workplace. The product that we offer is really interesting too, and its so niche.

Joe: You’re heading towards 3 years working here now Rachel. Surely, you must have a funny story from your time here so far?

Rachel: There is so many of them! My favourite is when a colleague’s dog came in to the office for a couple of days… went straight towards Adam in the design team and made a beeline for his bag and weed all over it! Then… the dog came in again two weeks later and did the same thing again!

Joe: That’s hilarious! You’re known around the office for hi-jacking the Bluetooth speaker with 90’s boybands, but which one is your favourite?

Rachel: Tough question, but I’ve got to stay true to The Backstreet Boys!

Joe: Finally, what is your number one top tip to help our Corporate Partners fully maximise their package?

Rachel: Engage with it! Do the things that you signed up for, and don’t just expect everything to fall on your lap. Engagement is key.Joe: Thanks Rachel!