Employee Profile

Gareth, Head of Sales, Whole In 1 Golf

We managed to catch Gareth and ask him a few questions about his time at Whole In 1.

Kelly: Gareth, you’ve been with us 4 years now?

Gareth: Yep, 4 years now.

Kelly: How has Whole In 1 Golf changed in the four years you’ve been here?

Gareth: Wow, massively. We’ve now got triple the staff we had back then, we’ve moved offices. It’s definitely a nicer place to work.

Kelly: Oh, thanks Gareth. Are you saying it wasn’t nice then?

Gareth: Ha Ha, no. It was nice then but it’s great now. We’ve got a really great set of staff and that has a big impact day to day.

Kelly: Ok, I’ll let you have that one! The company itself has changed a lot in the past 4 years too. What do you think the future looks like for Whole In 1 Golf?

Gareth: Exciting!!!! We’re now moving into different countries. We’re employing bilingual sales staff, which I’m looking after so it’s just a great buzz in the office.

Kelly: What’s been you’re favourite golf club project?

Gareth: Horsforth.

Kelly: Is this a fix, as Horsforth are our feature club this month?

Gareth: No, honestly. It was just a great project to work from start to finish. The club just ‘got it’ straight away and with it being a great club it was easy to fill. They’ve made all our partners feel so welcome.

Kelly: Like many businesses, we’ve seen sales staff come and go. Do you have a good staff story to tell us?

Gareth: Ha, I suppose one of my favourites is a former apprentice we use to employ. He phoned in sick two days in a row, little realising that on one of these ‘sick days’ he was caught live in the crowd, via Sky Sports, watching Bradford City play. That was a good return to work form to complete!

Kelly: I suppose then, as you’re an avid football fan, I better ask what’s the future for Leeds United?

Gareth: Winning the title. Definitely.

Kelly: Thanks Gareth, right back to work now.