Feature Client of the Month

Shear Bespoke

Shear Bespoke tailors make beautiful bespoke suits for fashion-conscious clients all across the UK, proving especially popular in areas surrounding Whole In 1 Golf’s hometown of Leeds, including Sheffield and Manchester. 

Gareth Beckwith, owner is a corporate partner, featuring at Hollins Hall Golf & Country Club. As a regular attender at Whole In 1 Golf events, we got an opportunity to catch up with Gareth at our Revolution Networking event.

Mike: Gareth, how would you describe your company?

Gareth: Total bespoke online tailoring company where you design and measure your body

Mike: What does a typical client look like for you?

Gareth: 25-55 age all men and like the feel of a true bespoke tailored garment 

Mike: What made you become a Whole In 1 Golf Corporate Partner?

Gareth: The mix of golf, business and social fits perfect with our clients and suppliers

Mike: What do you think to our networking events?

Gareth: Great. We need more regular set venue dates so we can all get to know each other. 

Mike: And finally, if you could network with 3 famous people, who would they be?

Gareth: Tom Hardy, Keith Lemmon and Liam Gallagher. 

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