Technology revolutionising a golfer’s experience

Isn’t technology just great? It’s amazing how we’ve gone from carrier pigeons passing messages all the way to a smartphone that fits in your jeans pocket; with the ability to send messages and contact people around the world – all at the tap of a screen!

Technology has also revolutionised a golfer’s experience on the course too, with the introduction of GPS distance watches and range finders. Great technology that comes at a cost.

Whole In 1 Golf’s stunning new My Caddie application is available on both the iOS store for Apple users and Google Play store for Android devices and whatsmore, its completely FREE to download.  

My Caddie holds both the golfer and golf venue’s requirements at the forefront of its design and functionality. The uniqueness of My Caddie is so strong that it is only available to the select Whole In 1 Golf partner venues across Europe.

Our partner venues have an essential role in tailoring their own personal section of the app making it a market leader in its field as opposed to the standard template applications for clubs currently in the market. With the ability for the venue to update everything from the course information, to the scorecard right through to the latest pin position… My Caddie is absolutely stunning.

Our My Caddie application boasts over 400 venues across Europe, with more entering the frame every day. From a golf club perspective, there is no cost to develop it nor any hidden fees.

Since the release of the initial version of the application in mid-2018, we have introduced some amazing new features ahead of the 2019 golf season to fully optimise the user experience for golfers that we would love to share with you.

A brand-new multiplayer scorecard completely revolutionises the way that you keep track of your round. There is no longer a requirement for a pen and pencil, and the capability to share your score with your friends will certainly be at the heart of many a discussion on the 19th Hole or in the office on a Monday morning.

One of the features of the scorecard is that you can connect with your friends on the course through your smartphone device and update everything in live time and even show it on the screen in the golf buggy (where applicable) for all to see!

Doesn’t that sound amazing?! Well, here are a few more features below that we have added to My Caddie…

  • Up to date information on your golf club, including push notifications, events and tee booking.
  • Course Directory of all Whole In 1 Golf partner clubs across Europe.
  • GPS Position: Distance to the front, middle and back of the green with total hole yardage, par and difficulty.
  • Pin Position: Real time flag location on the green that can be updated daily.
  • Detailed Course 3D Flyovers: Easily visualise your next hole on our fabulous 3D Flyovers, get pro-tips with a voice-over or create a plan for your next round. The introduction of VR on some of our venues allows you to jump into the course from your living room sofa where you will get a full 360 degrees view of the course before you step out on to the first tee!

My Caddie app users can also take advantage of any special offers provided by Whole In 1 Golf Corporate Partners all over the country, who support our golf clubs to ensure that this ultimate experience is available throughout the golfing community. Keep an eye out in the very near future, as the team at Whole In 1 Golf are looking to add some more amazing features and improvements over the course of the golf season!

Download the MyCaddie App for free in iTunes and the Google play store.