The Complete Approach – Client of The Month

We work with businesses of all sizes and specialise in two areas:

  • developing the leaders of the future,
  • working with systems and teams.

In organisations we help to address:

  • a range of environmental challenges,
  • enhance creativity, problem-solving and innovation, employee engagement and motivation and company culture.

We work in groups of like-minded business owners and managers. If you want to change things and to share ideas, TCA could be for you. If you want to collaborate with similar business owners and young managers like you and benefit from their experience and work with management advisors who truly have your best interests at heart, TCA could be for you.

Q1. Company Information

Q2. How long have you been partnered with Whole In 1 Golf for?
About 1 year

Q3. What brought you to Whole In 1 Golf in the first place?
The opportunity to discuss business in a structured, relaxed environment and a round of golf after to cement those new working partnerships

Q4. What would a typical client look like for you?
I help businesses who have been in business for less than 10 years and with fewer than 20 employees to double their turnover in less than one year by showing them how to use eight break through strategies

Q5. Does your business have a mission statement? If so, what is it?
Give me 45 minutes and I will show you how to double your turnover without spending an additional penny on your marketing

Q6. If you could network with 3 famous people, who would they be and why?
Richard Branson, because we both hate ties

Digby Jones who taught me that cost control was essential to improve growth

Myself ten years ago to show me just how much my business has developed