The Mental Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf: Four hours of wonderful scenery, trees, lakes and the occasional sunshine (…or maybe not in Scotland), but who knew that golf is a massive factor in improving your mental health on top of improving your physical health?

Everyone knows that having good mental health is absolutely paramount in having a good, balanced lifestyle. So, here our 3 ways that playing golf can improve your mental health, whilst keeping you physically fit at the same time.

  1. Being out on the golf course and amongst nature helps to restore the mind of mental fatigue, which in turn reduces stress levels and can improve work performance. So, the lakes, the trees and the fresh air gives you that boost needed to excel at anything.
  2. Regular golf can help reduce anxiety and boosts your confidence and self-esteem at the same time. To play golf at a good ability, you are required to focus and maintain concentration at all time, which is why golf is linked to reducing the likelihood of getting dementia.
  3. Playing golf is so much more than the four hours spent on the course, it is a prime opportunity to be sociable, spend time with friends and meet new people. The nineteenth hole means that the quality time spent with friends can continue long after the round has ended. This is a massive factor in boosting confidence.

So, make the most of the British summer and get out on the course, socialise with your friends and improve your mental and physical health in the process. If golf wasn’t already the best sport in the world, then it certainly is now!