The Revolution of Networking

On Thursday the 8th February 2019, Whole In 1 Golf made the venture away from the golf course and on to the Call Lane cobbles. This was set to be the beginning of the (R)Evolution of our Business Networking Events.

After a long day in the office or out on the road, it provided a chilled-out atmosphere to do business after hours. The good vibes and the drinks were flowing, and it was a breath of fresh air from the usual norm of the regimented networking event usually set at the crack of dawn. Granted, regimented networking proves to work a success, but who else is a sucker for having 3 spoons full of coffee in their drink the morning of an event? 

So, 5.30pm has arrived and the revolution has begun! Nothing is more refreshing than walking through the door and being greeted by the AMAZING Megan and Louise from Revs. All guests were presented with a voucher for a complimentary drink upon arrival from a vast menu of Lagers, Wines, Spirits and Cocktails. The business cards were flying about, and the event was off to a #winner!

There was a vast range of businesses in attendance, including IT companies, Photographers, Solicitors and a very dapper gentleman that designs and tailors bespoke suits.

One of the main outcomes of this event was that everyone felt comfortable and there was absolutely no obligation for any of the businesses in attendance to drive a hard sell. It felt like a relaxed evening out on the town, but with a great opportunity to do business thrown in the mix! This alone is one of the main contributing factors that make our events so successful. It is the whole know, like and trust atmosphere that is the main ideology of our events and how to make networking work.

We would like to thank everyone that was in attendance for making this event a networking haven. A special mention needs to go to Megan, Louise and all the team at Revolution Call Lane for making everyone feel so welcome, and I highly recommend that you pop in to one of their stunning bars if you come across one. We are confident that the event will pave the way for a successful 2019, with many more events set to take place all over the UK and Ireland. All of which will be at these brilliant locations like Revolution and our fantastic partner golf venues.