Top Tips For Whole In 1 Golf Club Partners

Here’s 4 top tips for our Golf Club Partners on how to get the best out of your Whole In 1 Golf Package

Pooling the Golf Allowance 

Many golf clubs are now requesting that corporate partners “pool” their golf allowance. How much of this golf is used is entirely at your discretion but clubs are benefitting financially by allowing clients to hold golf days as typically they tend to spend money in the shop and commit to breakfast/lunch in the clubhouse.  

This secondary spend is far greater than the occasional four-ball represents. If it is something that interests you, as it will free up tee times elsewhere, then do let us know and we can cascade this information to the corporate partners on your behalf.

It won’t be for every club and it’s not something that we actively advertise or promote unless it comes from the club directly. We respect the parameters already set by those clubs who might not be interested in this option.

Meet the Corporate Partners

We can arrange introductions between the club and the corporate partners who are affiliated at your venue. They may provide a product, or service, that would be useful to the club and your members and it also provides an opportunity for you to upsell to them.

This may, or may not be, via a networking event and even if it isn’t, we can arrange a meeting so you can get to know these local, regional and sometimes national key business owners and decision makers better.      

As many of them may not be golfers it’s a great way for you to showcase your facilities.  

Using Whole In 1 Golf as a Marketing Resource

We mentioned in the last edition that clubs can use the TVs for their own exposure. We have enclosed a couple of examples below of those clubs who are using TVs to promote their own competitions, functions, lessons, membership packages, tee board and shop offers. Its all free of charge and all you need to do is provide us with a brief and we take care of the rest.

We can even look at incorporating these into our own emails when we market the package or consider what else you can offer these clients to make the package even more appealing. Some clubs have offered discounts on food and drink, hotel, gym and spa incentives for example.

Internal Communication

Please do ensure that key personnel within the club are aware of Whole In 1 Golf, what we do and how they can benefit. These people may have a role to play in making the project successful or may be approached by existing, or potential new corporate partners to verify the partnership, so a basic understanding may be necessary. This can range from bar staff who may be responsible for turning on the TV, to the pro as “front of house”, if they haven’t been involved in the process.

We are happy always happy to educate key personnel at the clubs – all you need to do is send us an email or pick up a phone.

More recently signed clubs will be aware that we try at capture this information at the earliest possible opportunity.  

If you, or other key staff, are leaving the club it is also really helpful to handover to several colleagues so there is a continuous line of communication.