Up, up and away…

For those clubs who have recently signed-up to Whole In 1 Golf you will have, or have had, a droned survey of your course.

The end result is a far superior 3D flyover product and feedback so far from clubs substantiates this claim. We took the step to invest in this technology so there would be more longevity with the flyover, it’s easier to amend, review and aesthetically it’s stunning. After all the awful weather we can always make the sun shine too!

You will see examples of the flyovers throughout the newsletter with feedback from several clubs.

For reassurance, we have the licenses to perform this task and contact the appropriate agencies prior to droning like air traffic control and MOD where necessary, so you are in safe hands.

Unfortunately, one thing that we can’t control is the weather with wind being especially difficult to fly in and predict in advance. We use long term weather forecasts to plan our visits but the decision to drone can only be taken if the conditions are suitable and safe.    

Furthermore, what might seem a relatively calm day at ground level can be different at a height of 300 feet so with all the best planning it can often be more luck than judgement.

With the recent weather, and now Corona virus to content with, this has put us behind schedule so we do ask for your patience. We will of course be in contact with clubs on an individual basis who are due to be surveyed to ensure that we can still perform the task. If you have any questions about the drone survey, please do not hesitate to contact us.