Whole In 1 Golf App Pin Positioning

App Pin Positioning

When integrated into the smartphone apps and buggy screens, the Whole In 1 Golf Pin Positioning system will further enhance the player’s golfing experience. These can be updated remotely, or via the easy to use CMS portal, and allows you to:

  • Set the pin positions for competitions, allowing all the players to plan their round.
  • Present a structured way of planning where pins will be placed for future events.
  • Print the pin positions sheets – you may even consider getting a business to sponsor these so it can represent a revenue opportunity for the club and it improves the visitor experience.
  • Increase the use of the app from visitors as they can see the pin in place on all greens including blind shots into greens. This increase in downloads provides you with a bigger marketing reach.
  • Complement the 3D flyover with the pin positions so its accurate all day every day.

These subtle touches can really influence decisions when visitors consider future bookings at the club.